Parts of a Stage Environment

Lesson Objective:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the parts of a stage by completing an auditorium tour sheet.



• Auditorium labels and descriptions  Lesson 3 & 4.Terms and definitions


Step 1: Warm-up—Wah

Review Wah with the students and play a round.


Step 2: Review Stage Types

Draw different stage type diagrams on the board with where the audience sits, have the students name the stages for you.


Step 3: Stage areas—auditorium tour

Take students to the auditorium. Tell them they will be going on a tour. Have the eight stage parts listed below labeled in the auditorium with a brief description. Have the students bring a piece of paper and pencil to the auditorium. Have them number their paper 1-8. Take them to each place in the auditorium, tell them about it and then have them write down what you say/what is written on the label. Let them explore each area, as it is appropriate.
Stage: Wings
Grand drape
Orchestra pit
Light rail
Light booth


Step 5: Review the Stage Parts

Split students into groups and ask students what something is by either giving the definition and then asking them to either point out and name the thing or to give the function/what it is.
Ask: Why do you think this part of the stage exists? How do you think it is used in a performance setting?


Step 7: Closure

Remind the students of when the test will be.