Students will demonstrate their understanding of lip sync by performing their group song.




Cups to amplify sound if needed, CD players, speakers.




Have some music playing as the students come in. You can have clips of different songs from different genre’s and eras. Let the music continue as you take roll. Then ask the students about the music they heard as they were entering the room.




Step 1: Have the students either gather in a circle or in front of the stage. Begin a conversation about the music that they listen to. Discuss the different genres and reasons for listening to a certain song or style. Tell the students that songs can invoke vivid memories; hearing a particular song can rocket you back to 2nd grade or last summer. Inform the students that they are going to be writing about a song that represents a certain time in your life.

Step 2: Students will need their notebooks; they can either sit in their seats or elsewhere in the room as long as they are not talking. Please write the following on the board: “Write about a song that represents a certain time in your life.” Encourage the students to write about why the song represents that time and how it affects them when they hear it.

Step 3: Give the students about 5 minutes to write.

Step 4: Have students that are willing share the song that they wrote.

Step 5: Give the students a few minutes to rehearse their songs.

Step 6: Have each group perform their song discussing the good and bad after each.