Creating the Shakespeare Character


Students will demonstrate their understanding of characterization by creating a character with personality and traits for their Shakespearean monologue or scene.



Sheets of colored paper, Character Analysis Worksheet   Character Analysis Worksheet.Lesson 6



This hook is a personality test that was found on the following website:
This is a shorter fun version of the Lüscher Color Test, developed over twenty years by Max Lüscher. The colors used were selected for their associations with physical and mental states. The website has several colors illustrated and gives directions on how to “take the test”. It is easy to adapt to an entire classroom by having large pieces of construction paper that are the same colors as those described on the website. Then the teacher can simply hold up the colored papers, follow the directions on the website, and print out the results of each color to share with the class.



Transition – Discuss with the class the different possible color combinations for their characters. Call on a few students to share their chosen color and then explain whether or not they think that color fits with their character’s personality.



Discussion – Talk with the students about how important it is to create a specific, detailed personality for their character. Some answers might include: it’s more interesting to watch, it defines an objective and tactics, it helps make it more clear to the actor, it gives a natural quality to the characterization, it allows for vocal and physical choices, etc. Brainstorm with the students specific personality traits that they could include in their characters.



Group Work – Assign the students to complete a Character Analysis Worksheet. Have them partner up and take turns “interviewing” each other. The “reporter” should follow the guidelines on the worksheet and the “interviewee” should be in their Shakespearean character throughout (answering in first person and ad-libbing and improvising when need be according to what they already know about their situation, relationships, play setting, etc.). Have the interviewer jot down notes as the questions are answered. After each character has been interviewed, the reporters should fill out the worksheet for the character that they interviewed.



Individual Practice – Once the Character Analysis Worksheets are complete, give the students time to rehearse their performance pieces.



Instruction – Students will be performing their Shakespeare piece next class period as a preview. They will be graded on memorization, blocking, and interpretation of the piece.



Students can be assessed through their interview participation and their Character Analysis Worksheet.