Skills and Scene Work


Students will demonstrate their understanding of the overarching concepts of children’s theatre by taking a written test, and by performing their original short plays to the class.


Materials Needed

Copies of the test – Children’s Theatre Test


Lesson Directions


Anticipatory Set/Hook

Set up the class in a different way than ever before.



Step Two: When students enter the classroom, give them copies of the test and tell them that they have half an hour to take it. Let them take the test.


Step Three: When all the tests have been turned in, let them split into their groups and practice their Fairy Tales for ten minutes. Go around and observe the students, and give pointers where needed.


Step Four: Pair up the groups and have them perform for each other Have the groups give critiques and pointers to each other, and discuss how they can improve. Emphasize that one person should speak at a time.



Step Five: Have all the students watch each group perform their story. While watching, have the students write critiques for each group, pointing out what elements they used, or what they could improve on. When each group is finished, open the floor to discussion and positive feedback.


Author’s Notes

There is no test key provided.