Constructing Stock Scenery


Students will continue work in groups on their pieces of stock scenery. These may be completed in class.



Materials Needed

Students’ previous work on their flats.



Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
Hurray for more flat construction! Before we start let’s review the different pieces of a flat. Assign each student to “be” a different piece of a flat and have them construct a flat with their bodies (don’t let anyone be the cover!)




GUIDED PRACTICE: Help the students get out their lumber for their flats and approve each step in their cutting/construction before letting them proceed.

CLOSURE and ASSESSMENT: Allow time for clean-up. Check each groups’ progress before they put it away. Remind them to review the information from this unit for the quiz next class period. Make sure the cut lists and tool worksheets are returned by today.




Students can be assessed through class participation and their finished piece of scenery, if it is complete.