Forum Theatre Workshop


Students will demonstrate their knowledge of conducting a workshop by leading their peers through activities planned and rehearsed.



Materials Needed:

Reflection Worksheets (attached) enough copies for all students.

Lesson 9.Forum Theatre Reflection




Gather students together before class comes in. Ask if they have any questions. Remind students that they are to support one another and be leaders in the workshop—that is, even if they’re not leading a segment, they need to be actively engaged in each activity and setting an example for their peers. They are free to not only participate, but answer questions as well if help is needed to get the conversation going.




Step One—INTRODUCTION: Welcome participating class in. Have them take a seat and tell them we have much to do and discuss in this hour and not a lot of time to do it. Ask students to be engaged and respectful of their peers, and turn the time over to your students.


Step Two—WORKSHOP: Students will take it from here. As the teacher you are also to participate with the students. If a student really needs your help you can step in, but as soon as the problem is resolved step right back out. Be careful not to take over their project. Your other large responsibility is to keep the students on-time. If you see that time is running out, you can gently prompt students to move along.




Once workshop/forum theatre is over, thank the participating class and allow them to return. Hand out Reflection Worksheets to every student. They are to bring these to class next period filled out for our discussion.