Test and Reflection

Lesson 7: Test and Reflection


Learning Objective:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of playwright’s and their significance by completing a test that includes a free response.



Test, Free Response, Playwright Word Search


Materials Needed:

Copies of each of e supplement materials for each student. Jeopardy Game.



Students will play a game of Playwright Jeopardy. Students will break up into small groups not based on their playwright. Jeopardy will be created to review key concepts and questions that will be on the test. Questions and concepts will be taken from students presentations. This game can be made with post-its, PowerPoint, or www.superteachertools.us/jeopardyx/


Step 1: Have students put away all notes and take out a pencil. Remind them that they should not be talking or looking around and that cheating will result in a zero. Pass out the test.


Step 2: When students are done with their test they will hand it in and pick up the free response paper. The free response will be answering the question, who is the Great American Playwright and why does that matter? Students will write their reply on the paper and once it is done have them turn it in. Once students are done with the test and free response allow students to pick up a playwright word search until everyone is finished.


Conclusion: Once everyone is finished. Ask students if they think we should vote on who the Great American Playwright is. And why or why not? If students want to allow them to vote. Ask students what they can do with this information in regards to this class? Outside class?