Rehearsal Day

Shakespeare Lesson #6

Rehearsal Day/s


Lesson Objective: Students will prepare for their performance previews by rehearsing their pieces in groups.



  • Moulin Rouge DVD, rehearsal clip



  • Show Bohemians’ rehearsal clip from Moulin Rouge
    • Briefly discuss element of unified design in this piece
      • Have students call them out as a review from last time
    • Use this clip to a segue into students’ rehearsal time!
      • “Now it’s your turn to practice!”


Rehearsal Breakdown

  • Give them the first bit of time to work on their pieces individually
  • Have students  get into groups of 3 or 4 and find a space in the room/auditorium to work their pieces for each other
    • Have them take turns performing and work shopping with each other using the rubric as a guide for feedback
  • Walk around and check up on each group, make sure they’re on task, clarify questions, provide feedback as necessary


Performance Preview discussion

  • Explain the logistics of the performance previews
    • Students will perform piece for class, will be given notes and feedback based on the rubric requirements to help them prep for their final performances
  • Based on Answer/clarify any questions students might have
  • Dismiss for the day!