Rehearsal for Final

Lesson 9: Rehearsal for Final


Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of different acting methods by previewing a 2 minute scene using one acting technique.



TH:Cr3.1.II.b. Use research and script analysis to revise physical, vocal, and physiological choices impacting the believability and relevance of a drama/ theatre work

TH:Pr5.1.II.a. Refine a range of acting skills to build a believable and sustainable drama/theatre performance.

TH:Cn11.2.II.a. Formulate creative choices for a devised or scripted drama/theatre work based on theatre research about the selected topic.


Materials: 40 Rubrics for final assessment grading

Lesson 10.Acting Techniques Final Performance Rubric


Preparation: Print rubrics.


Starter: No starter.


Today will be half rehearsal/half performance day. We’ll also finish up any previews we didn’t get done last time. You have the next 40 minutes to practice your scenes. The last 40 minutes will be spent doing performances.

Just a reminder, your papers are due next class period.


Activity 1: Rehearsal! (40 minutes)

Float around the room, helping keep students on task, answering questions, and gaging progress.


Activity 2: Performances

After each group performs, allow the students to give verbal feedback to the groups.


Conclusion: Papers are due next class!


Assessment Scoring: Students will receive 20 participation points for the day. They will get 10 points for completing the preview. Their final performance will be graded out of 60 points.


Adaptation: Students who may need extended time to rehearse may come in during the MAP period, or finish next class. This may require they have a shorter scene than other people.