Loas Performance (Fuente Ovejuna Act II)

Lesson 3:

Loas Performance (Fuente Ovejuna Act II)



Students will demonstrate their ability to connect Spanish Golden Age loas to contemporary stories with a moral by performing an original loa.  Students will read Act II of Fuente Ovejuna together as a class.


Materials Needed:

Fuente Ovejuna scripts

Fuente Ovejuna Act I Quiz copies Lesson 3.FO Act I Quiz    Lesson 3.FO Act I Quiz KEY




Give students a few minutes to get back into their groups and finish developing their loa that they began working on in the previous class period. 


Have the groups present their loas and discuss them as examples of the Spanish form of loas/autos.  What elements did they see clearly?  How does this unique form communicate their message?  What did they do to “modernize” the original autos idea?



Play the next several minutes of the film and have students look at the piece to discover any kind of theme or “moral” or even learning experience of any of the characters.  Have them journal their ideas.



Give students two minutes to pull out their Fuente Ovejuna scripts and review them. They can ask you or their classmates any question they want about Act I to help them review.


Have the students put their scripts away and get into pairs.  Give each partnership a quiz.  Together, quietly, they are to answer the questions on the quiz.  Give them five-six minutes to complete the quiz.  Have them switch their papers with another partnership and grade the quiz aloud as a class.



Assign students to read the roles in Act II of Fuente Ovejuna.  Encourage students to continue jotting down notes and observations; focusing especially on moments that they can ‘see’ clearly in their imagination (that could be interested to see staged).  As needed, stop and change readers or have a few students share some of their notes and visualized moments from the act.



Have the students highlight for you where they are seeing the themes of love, honor, and valor come out in the text.  How do these themes connect to the Spanish Golden Age?  This theme discussion/review can be as an entire class or in smaller groups or even pairs.