Rehearsal time

Lesson #6 – Rehearsal time

(Two to four class periods)



Student will demonstrate their focus on the CT project by directing their own story and acting in other classmate’s stories during this critical rehearsal time.



Parent signature forms so students can drive/ride with each other to performance cites.  Each district has different forms.  Check with your front office if you do not have access to these forms.  On each day of rehearsal, call for parent signature forms until all have turned them in.



On the board, have 15 minute sign-up slots for directors to be able to have their whole cast without conflicting with other directors/actors.  As students walk into the class room, had them a white board marker allowing first in the room, first choice of rehearsal slots.



Once everyone has signed up, make sure everyone is on the right track.  Allow students to ask any question they might have at this point. Begin each of the rehearsal days answering questions and helping solve problems the students may have.



Rehearsal time.  Make sure each student has time to work with his piece. Walk around to each group and assist if needed.



Call class to order 15 minutes before bell. Determine which students will be able to drive to performance cites.  Assign the rest of the class to always be in the exact same car every time.  Hand out parent signature forms.  Drivers will need a different form from students who are just riding.  It is worth 15 points if it is turned in next class period.  Each day it is late will knock off 3 points.



Students can be assessed by their participation in the rehearsal process and how they work together as co-directors and actors. And if they have turned in the proper forms appropriately.