Lesson 8: Performance Day

Lesson 8: Performance Day


Objective: Student will demonstrate an understanding of Shakespearean text by performing Shakespeare’s Crispian Speech and a Shakespearean Cold Read.




Introduction: Rubric and Warm Up

Review the rubric with students.  Allow them several minutes to warm up their voices and ready their speeches.


Assessment: Crispian Speech

Have students perform their speech one at a time for the class.  Give them written feedback on their growth over the unit on their personal rubric.



Ask students to discuss how their attitudes about Shakespeare have changed?  What were some discoveries they made about Shakespeare in the unit?


Post Assessment

Hand out fresh copies of Shakespearean Scenes and give the students five minutes to look over it.  Ask them to do a cold reading for the class.  Discuss with the students how their ability to encounter Shakespeare has changed?  Point out how students will most likely have grown more comfortable with the words rhythm and structure.