Lesson 8:

Radio Drama Rehearsal


Objective: Students will practice giving and receiving feedback as they play rehearsal bingo as a way to structure their peer reviews.



  • Standard 7–8.T.P.9: Perform a variety of dramatic works for peers or invited audiences.
  • Standard 7–8.T.P.2: Perform as a productive and responsible member of an acting ensemble in both rehearsal and performance situations.
  • Standard 7–8.T.R.4: Demonstrate the ability to receive and act upon coaching, feedback, and constructive criticism.


Materials needed:


Review the grading rubric again. Ensure that each group has a rubric. This will be their bingo card for the day.


Have students play rehearsal bingo. How it works: Each group will perform for another group. That group will then look at the rubric and sign where they felt that group was at that point in time. Then, give at least two pieces of feedback that can help them to reach full points in one of the areas that they may have scored lower on. Each group should continue to perform for peers, get feedback, practice implementing the feedback, then perform for a different group, etc, until they have been given full points in each category by two groups.


If they have been given full points by two groups, they should talk among themselves and ask, what would the teacher tell us to work on if she saw us perform? Then, work on and improve any areas that come up.


Students will turn in their bingo card/rubric at the end of class.