Filming Day #1

Educational Objective:

Students will be able to explore movement and collaboration by filming their music video.


Facet of Understanding

# 2 -Interpretation, # 3 Application


Enduring Understanding 1:

Prep work makes the production run smoother.


Enduring Understanding 2:

Everyone’s individual talents are needed in order for production success.


Essential Question 1:

How does movement and energy affect character work?


Essential Question 2:

How can we use the text to inspire a new telling of the work?


Materials needed:

Everything you need for the music video.




Class warm up: Circle up. Jump & land at same time. Focus. Work together as a team to accomplish.


Warm up 2:

Pass the clap. Start with one person. They meet the eyes of the person beside them and they have to clap together. If they are off or don’t look at each other they have to start back at the beginning. Pass the clap all the way around the circle.

Step 1 – Students will go around designated areas of the school in order to film their music videos.
Step 2- Students will follow their storyboards in an organized manner in order to complete their videos.



Final Assessment for Lesson 6:

Informal Assessment of group work in filming.



Bring items/costumes and props needed for filming day #2.