A Script

Lesson Objective:

Students will show an understanding of how to read a play and gather information from it by reading aloud, discussing, and preparing to read their own play.


Materials Needed:

Scripts of 12 Angry Men for each student


Hook/Anticipatory Set (5 min):

Have scripts on each desk for when they enter the classroom.


Activity 1 (45 min):

Instruction- Inform the class that we are going to be reading a play together. Ask if anyone has ever read a play before. Explain that it is important to have experience reading plays; which is why we are going to be doing it in class. Before we start reading I need to explain some things to you.
When you get the script you will see there are some words in italics, these words are called stage directions, they are not meant to be read by the actor but for extra information for the director and actors in preparing this performance. As we read through I will be reading all the italic notes.


There are 15 speaking parts in this play and everyone will have a chance to read. While you are reading a part it is CRUCIAL that you are paying attention so when it is your turn to read you are ready. Everyone needs to be paying attention to the play because you will need to turn in an outline of the plot structure (Review on the board). It is important that we can recognize this in plays as well so we can be better informed about the story as well as have the skill to translate that information into writing plays of our own in the future. We may or may not get through the entire play today. If anyone is falling asleep or not focused you will need to stand up and walk around the room with your script. Everyone needs to be reading the play, not just listening, etc.


Activity 2 (45-55 min):

Pass out the scripts and assign parts. Explain that we will change who reads what parts as the play goes along. As we read along take moments to pause and ask questions to make sure they are engaged? Why do you think that character did that? Does that information change your thoughts on the story?


Discussion – How was that experience? What did you learn about plays? Were you able to pick out the plot structure? Do you think this play is important? What kind of message did you get from it? Did you learn anything from it? What do you think the playwright was passionate about? What was he trying to tell his audience? Did you notice that it seemed like a lot of talking? That is because plays are meant to be performed and acted on a stage and a lot of the story comes from the way the actors are physically telling the story, which we can’t see just reading it.