Designing a Show

Lesson Objective:

Students will demonstrate understanding of the different jobs in producing theatre by collaborating with their small group and starting their presentation.


Materials Needed:

Theatre Jobs PowerPoint  Lesson 4.Production Design PowerPoint  , assignment sheet


Hook (10 min):

Have the following titles on the board – Time Period/Location, When Written, Playwrights Inspiration, Playwrights extra ideas, Court System, Reasonable Doubt. Instruct the class that everyone needs to come up to the board and write one thing that they discovered in their research of these topics. They can write multiple things if they want.


Discussion (5-7 min):

Go through each column and ask questions, discussing how the research was effective where we might have holes and need to do some altering.
Tell me what it was like to do the research? Did it change the way you viewed the play? How? Do you think this information is important?


Transition (1 min):

How would the information you found change how you directed this play? Designed this play? Acted in this play? Received this play as an audience member?


Activity 1 (30-40 min):

Instruction- Present the PowerPoint with details on each position, director, costumer, set designer, and lighting/sound designer. Make sure they are paying attention so that they can have an educated guess as to what it is they want to do for their assignment. They need to be taking notes on the assignment particularly.


Activity 2 (20-15 min):

Step 1 (Instruction) – Divide the class into groups of 4 if there are uneven numbers have a hair and makeup designer. Tell them that they are to meet together and determine what the message of their production is going to be, what they are going to focus on. What is their concept? How are they going to do their presentation, be creative.