Stylized Makeup Application Workday

Educational Objective:

The students will demonstrate their ability to apply the makeup directed by a makeup design that they created by practicing on their partners face.



Hand back to the students their makeup maps and notecards. Give the students a few minutes to practice their pitch. First have them give them a few minutes to practice it on their own and then have them find someone in the classroom to give their pitch to. Have the student they partnered with give them feedback on their pitch and what worked and what didn’t. Then have the students make corrections or edits on their pitch. Have the students turn in their stylized makeup map and note card. Inform the students that you will pass it back for application next class period.


Step 1:

Instruction: Remind the students of makeup rules:
• Use a baby wipe to clean off your brushes before sticking it in another color
• Have a paper towel at your station
• Don’t mix colors in their makeup pots. Mix them on your arm or some where else
• Have fun!!!!


Step 2:

Have the students divide into their partnerships. This is time is given for one of the partners to work on the other. After about 30 minutes have the students switch partners allowing the other partner to practice their design.


Step 3:

Have the students clean up their stations and set the classroom for the next class.
Assessment: Students will be assessed based on their participation and focus during this practice day.