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Comedic Monologues

Objective: Students will demonstrate their ability to incorporate comedic acting elements by performing a monologue.
Subject: Scenes & Monologues - Acting
Class Level: Beginning
Main Concepts: physicality, characterization
National Standards:

CONTENT STANDARD 2: Acting by developing, communicating, and sustaining characters in improvisations and informal or formal productions.


Students should already have picked a short comedic monologue BEFORE beginning these lessons.  This unit is incomplete in that it does not have a final monologue performance evaluation.

Author: KayCee Brugger

Lesson Plans

Lesson 1: Objectives and Tactics

The students will show an understanding of objectives and tactics by articulating and performing an objective/tactic statement regarding their monologue. (I want ___to ___. And I will ____him/her to get what I want.)

Lesson 2: Vocalization

Students will show an understanding of vocally using objectives and tactics through emotion by reading their monologues together as partners and having the partner be able to guess which tactic the reader is using.

Lesson 3: Characterization

The students will demonstrate their understanding of characterization by creating a character history based on the information they have from their monologue and deciding on a physical character effort or tic.

Lesson 4: The Unseen Person

The students will be able to visualize their unseen person’s reaction, position, and relationship by doing visualization exercises and practicing listening and reacting.

Lesson 5: Physicality

Students will show that they understand how to use the space by exploring the physical space of the stage on a grid, drawing their blocking out on a sheet of paper, and setting up finalized blocking for their monologue performances.