Review of Stage Environment

Lesson Objective:


Students will demonstrate their understanding of stage environment elements by participating in a review of the stage environment.



• Label the Auditorium matching sheet (turn it in)  Lesson 4.Label the Auditorium Worksheet

Lesson 3 & 4.Terms and definitions


Step 1: Warm-Up—Sound and Movement Telephone

Have students stand in a circle. This activity is like traditional telephone but instead of saying a sentence to your neighbor, you do a sound and movement. Then the person next to you has to try and copy you exactly. This goes from person to person until the last person left is the originator of the movement. Have them repeat the original movement in order to see how it’s changed.
Ask: Why do you think we’d do an activity like this in a drama class?


Step 2: Label the Auditorium Activity

Split the class into 8 groups. Each group gets a label for a part of the stage environment. Their job is to go into the auditorium and label that part of the stage. After they’ve labeled the part, they need to sit in the auditorium with their group.
Check with the class to see if they’ve labeled the correct thing.
Now pass out the definitions/uses for each part of the stage. They need to now match the definition with the labeled part.
Check with the group and see if it’s correct.
Ask each group to say why that part is useful in a show setting, or how it might be used during a performance.


Step 3: Label the Auditorium Matching Sheet

Each student finds their own seat in the auditorium, not next to anyone. Complete the Auditorium matching sheet.
Find someone near you and compare answers. Change what you think might be wrong.


Step 4: Correct the matching sheets

Correct the sheets and have the students turn them in.


Step 5 *If there’s time, practice stage directions on the actual stage


Step 6: Closure

Quiz them as a group on parts of the auditorium.