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This portion of the website contains a collection of instructional units, enabling users to view how the author intended individual lesson plans and projects to be grouped together and scaffolded within the context of day-by-day instruction. All of these units are developed in line with the 1994 or 2014 National Standards for Theatre Education, showing how all of the curriculum created here are connected to a specific academic standard for the arts. Some of the units submittedn to the database have been taught and revised in actual secondary classrooms while others have been created by Theatre Education pre-service university students and have not been tested in the classroom yet. You can contribute to this portion of the website: if you have a theatre unit you want to share please contact our site administrator at or to contribute a complete unit to the database. These units were submitted voluntarily by educators. BYU makes no claims for their quality or completeness. The intellectual rights to these lessons remain with their author.