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Voicing Your Own Cartoon

by Meredith Campbell

Voice Work In Podcasts

by Jessica Stevenson

Voice And Body

(Elementary Unit) by Samantha Daynes

The Cultures Of Utah

by Becca Cardon Christiansen, Emily Trejo, Pollyanna Eyler


(Elementary Unit) by Sarah McDonald, Abi Nielsen

Pantomime Scenes

by Dana Fleming

Puppetry And Voicework

by Amanda Von Der Lohe

Lip Sync

by Krystle Butler

Long Form Improvisation

by Lela Kovalenko Bayne

Introduction To Characterization

by Kristen Leinbach

Interpretation In Narratives

by Meredith Walsh

Contemporary Theatre

by Spencer Duncan

Commedia Dell'Arte

by Cali Wilkes

Character Workshop

by Amelia Heer Dunlap

Children's Theatre

By Robin Edwards

Acting Workshop

by Amelia Heer Dunlap

Bunraku Puppetry Movement

by Amberly Plourde