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history of theatre

Theatre Of The Oppressed

by Michael Avila (part virtual/part in-person)

Uta Hagen'S Object Exercises

by Meagan Wright

The Shakespearience

by Mary Beth Bosen

The Cultures Of Utah

by Becca Cardon Christiansen, Emily Trejo, Pollyanna Eyler

The Great American Playwright

by Michaella Scholz

Spanish Golden Age Theatre

by Moss & McKechnie

Spanish Golden Age Theatre

by Moss & McKechnie

Shakespeare Scenes

by Carson Wright

Socially Responsible Theatre

by Carlie Madsen

Roman Theatre Psa

by Beth Lowe

Medieval Theatre

by Beth Lowe

French Neo Classical Theatre

by Meagan Wright

Greek Tragedy

by Camee Faulk

Eastern Theatre/ Japanese Theatre

by Giselle Gremmert

Forum Theatre (Boal)

by Dana Fleming

Commedia Dell'Arte

by Cali Wilkes

Ancient Greek Theatre

by Ellen Williams

Brechtian Theatre

by Camilla Hodgson

Acting Methods

by Nichole Young Clarke