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acting skills

Voicing Your Own Cartoon

by Meredith Campbell

Students will demonstrate their understanding of voice as a tool for character development by creating character voices and creating a cartoon in a small group project

Voice Work in Podcasts

by Jessica Stevenson

Students will demonstrate their ability to create a voice for a character by creating podcasts in small groups.

Voice and Body (Elementary Unit)

by Samantha Daynes

Unit Objective: Students will demonstrate appropriate, creative use of their voices and bodies to create characters.

Vocal Viewpoints

by Justine Banks

Viewpoints Scene Work

by Jessica Johnson

Subject: Applying the techniques of Viewpoints to a scene.

Uta Hagen'S Object Exercises

by Meagan Wright

Theatre Of The Oppressed

by Michael Avila (part virtual/part in-person)

The Voice Of The Puppet

by Megan Michaels