What and How


Students will begin learning about lip sync and demonstrate knowledge by performing a lip sync scene.



Movie clip: “Dancing Cavalier”, from “Singing in the Rain” http://youtu.be/P6CuBK0cgX4



Begin by having the students grab their notebook and pen/pencil. Give them a minute to write everything they know or have heard about lip syncing. Share the responses.




Step 1: Once everyone has finished sharing what they know about lip sync, explain that it is mouthing the words while someone else is speaking or singing. You are trying to match your movements so that it looks like you are the one talking or singing.

Step 2: Show clip from “Singing in the Rain”.

Step 3: Explain to the students that they are going to be performing a lip sync scene. They must write the scene in their notebooks. It needs to have a complete beginning, middle, and end.

Step 4: Assign them into groups of 4. In each group two people will be speaking offstage while the others onstage are mouthing the words. Lip syncing.

Step 5: After they have written their script they need to begin practicing. Once they have that down have them practice just mouthing the words. Explain that it’s easier to mouth the words after you know them.

Step 6: The groups will use the remainder of the time to practice. Go around to each group offering suggestions of how to make it look more believable. They will perform first thing tomorrow.