Two Types


Students will learn that they can lip sync in two ways – spoken and sung- and in their notebooks write the benefits to both, which they’d prefer to perform and why.




Musicals Word Search Puzzle (not included)




Kid History Episode 4 ( or any other lip sync video.




Step 1: Give the students about 10 minutes or so to practice their lip sync scene.

Step 2: Perform the scenes critiquing each after the group has performed.

Step 3: Talk about what things groups did well and what could be done differently to make them look more believable.

Step 4: They have already performed one form of lip sync – Words that are spoken. Their next assignment will focus on lip syncing music.

Step 5: Students will need their notebooks. They need to write if they think it will be easier to perform a lip sync to a song than it was with their scenes and why. Give them a few minutes to write.

Step 6: Share each of the answers.

Step 7: With any remaining time hand out the Musicals Word Search. Prize for the one to finish first.