Class Song


Students will demonstrate their understanding of lip syncing a song by practicing and performing a song in class.




Movie clip, Lina lip syncing on stage from while Kathy sings behind the curtain and curtain opens, from “Singing in the Rain”.


Copies of song and lyrics for lip sync (“I just can’t wait to be King” from the Lion King).   Lesson 2.Can’t Wait to Be King Lyrics  Really any Disney song that can be done in groups and is upbeat works well for this assignment.




“Singing in the Rain” movie clip.




Step 1: Explain to the class that today they will be practicing lip sync with music.

Step 2: Hand out copies of “I just can’t wait to be King” lyrics.

Step 3: With the music have everyone practicing singing with it. They are practicing singing with it because it will be easier to mouth the words if they know how to sing it.

Step 4: After practicing as a class divide them up into groups and have them begin practicing with their group.

Step 5: Perform song in groups. Critique each one after discussing as a class what was done well and what needs work.

Step 6: After each of the groups have performed the students will, as a group, pick their own song to practice and perform. It can be any song that is school appropriate. They must have the song with them in class tomorrow so that they can be practicing it. They may have it on their phone or ipod or on cd.