Students will demonstrate their understanding of lip sync by preparing for their own group performance.




Cups to amplify sound if needed, CD players, or speakers.



Interview/Reporter. There is one person being interviewed, they are a famous character but don’t know who. There are several Reporters (they know who the famous character is) that ask the famous person questions to give them clues about their identity. The game ends when the famous person realizes who they are. Possible characters can include: Waldo from Where’s Waldo, Fairytale Characters, Harry Potter, famous singers, current popular actors, Carmen from Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, etc.




Step 1: Explain to the students that body language is just as important as what you’re saying. The more you understand the character the better you’ll be able to portray it. Once you understand who your character is you’ll be able to incorporate body movement that represents that character.

Step 2: Students will be using today to practice their lip syncs. They need to have choreography or movement and not just be up onstage mouthing the words. They need to add emotion into the performance and make it come to life.

Step 3: Make your way to each group helping as needed.