Students will learn how to perform a lip sync for multiple characters.




Lip Sync requirement papers  Lesson 6.Lip Syncing Assignment

“Finding Nemo” scene



Play Digits. Get into a tight circle. Everyone in the circle looks down at the ground and closes their eyes. Someone will count off the number one. Then someone else will count off the number two. No one knows who will speak the next number. If two people speak out at the same time then the group must start again at one. It is common to try and count to twenty. Usually there is such rejoicing when twenty is counted to the warm-up is over.
Variations: Go through the letters of the alphabet, count downwards. Do a Word At A Time story with the same rules.



Step 1: Talk about some of the issues that come up. Example: One person counts really fast and doesn’t give anyone else a chance to speak. It doesn’t work to talk over each other. There is a pattern that must be followed. The same is with lip syncing. You have to follow the words so that it makes sense.

Step 2: First try it out the scene as a class with the sound off. Then try it again with the sound on. Students will take turns attempting the “Finding Nemo” scene. Allow any student that wants to perform try, you can even have them do this in groups if you’d like.

Step 3: After all students have tried go over the Lip Syncing Assignment paper.

Step 4: Check for questions.