Work Day


Students will be able to improve their monologues through completing multiple workshops and working together with their other classmates.


Materials Needed:

station instructions  Lesson 6.Station Directions, whistle/bell.


Hook: Instructions (2 min)

Give each student a post-it with a number and a letter (1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 2A, 2B, etc.) and tell them to find the other people in the classroom that have the same number.


Step 1: Instructions (5 minutes)

Once everyone is sitting in their groups, tell the students how the activity today is going to go. Your number is your group, and you will begin at the station of your number. You have 13-15 minutes at each station and then you will rotate up (meaning station 4 will go to 5, 5 will go to 1, 1 will go to 2, etc) at the sound of the bell/whistle. At each station, there is a sheet with instructions telling you what to do at that station. Each station instruction sheet will designate whom the leader is at that station, determined by your post-it letter. The leader of each group is to act as the teacher/director/auditioner. They are to make sure that everyone understands the directions, is staying on task and is giving the primary feedback or leading the discussion.


Clarify any questions before they split up into their groups.


Step 2: Workshop rotations (70 minutes)

Monitor the different stations. Be available if the students have questions. Sit in on a couple of rotations and observe; still allow the student leaders to lead.


Step 3: Wrap up (3 minutes)

Remind everyone that they will be auditioning tomorrow. They need to have their resumes ready to turn in as they audition. Answer any questions they may have.