Mock Auditions


Students will show their ability to perform an audition piece through participation in a mock audition.


Materials Needed:

Adjudication sheets, Auditions Worksheet  Lesson 7.Auditions Worksheet, warm up audio.


Special Note:

This lesson is designed for a class that is used to working on their own outside of the classroom. It is designed for a space where there is a large foyer or hallway outside the class where the students can work and not be a disruption to other classes. If the class/space does not permit for these circumstances, then the auditions should be held in a traditional setting where they perform their monologues one at a time in front of the entire class.



Instructions (5 min) Have a table set up outside. Do not let the students enter the room until the instructions have been given and everyone is aware of what they need to do. Inform the students how to fill out the audition sheet. Tell them that while everyone is auditioning, there will be one student on the panel as well as the instructors. When you are on the panel, you are responsible to fill out the audition form on that person. Let everyone know we will go into the room to do some warm-up activities and then everyone will leave the room and begin the audition process.

There will be a student who will be outside doubling as the stage manager. They will be in charge of finding the next auditioner and finding the next student to sit on the panel.

There will also be another student that will be the “teacher” outside who makes sure that everyone is on task and that no one leaves the space.

There is a worksheet that must be turned in at the beginning of class tomorrow. students may use this time to outside to complete the worksheet. You may work together, but the answers should be in your own words.

Use this time wisely. Prepare as you might prepare if you really were at a college audition.


Step 1: Warm ups (15 minutes)

A breathing warm-up following the instruction of the recorded exercise. Have the class find their own space. Tell them to not feel awkward, but if they really allow their body to loosen up, then this exercise can be very beneficial to them. Have them pay attention to their feelings toward the activity. Does it work for you?


Step 2: Mock Audition (55 minutes)

One at a time, according to the sign up sheets, the students will enter the room and present their audition. The teacher should fill out the proficiency sheet as well as take notes according to their observations (how the student held themselves, how they presented the slate, the effectiveness of their audition pieces, etc.). When the student leaves, the next person should come in with a new student evaluator.


Step 3 (concurrent with step 2): Activities Outside

The students are being supervised by another student. They should use the time outside to prepare for their audition. This could mean that they are doing vocal warm-ups, physical warm-ups, going through their monologue, focus activities, etc. They should also be working on the Auditions Worksheet that was given to them.


Step 4: Regroup (5 minutes)

Thank everyone for their work today and let them know that the following class we will go over what happened today.