Callbacks, Recap and Review


Students will demonstrate their ability to do cold readings by participating in a cold reading session.


Materials Needed:

Cold reading sides from the class’ upcoming production


Hook: Setup (1 minute)

Have the chairs set up differently in the classroom to where they are in a long row or two leaving a large space in the center. As students come in, tell them to sit in a seat and await instructions.


Step 1: Cold Readings (60 minutes)

Have the sides placed on a table in the front of the classroom. Instruct the students that the teacher will call out names and characters. Those people are to go get the sides for that specific character and then prepare for their cold read. They will only have a minutes or two to look over their side before they are asked to perform it. This will continue for the majority of the class. The students will be in the room the entire time.


Step 2: Review (20 minutes)

Pass back the critiques from their audition yesterday. This will include the teacher’s response and the student response. Also hand back their graded resume. Give them a minute or two to look over the comments. Then have them write a journal prompt responding to these questions:


•How did your audition go according to your expectations?
•Where was your focus during the audition?
•What have you learned from this experience?
•What will you do differently the next time you prepare for an audition?


After everyone has finished their journal, allow for some time to discuss some of the things that they wrote. Give ample time for people to respond verbally to the question of “what will you do differently the next time you prepare for an audition?”