Presentation of Another’s Observed Movements


Students will demonstrate their understanding of how movement is used every day by completing a report of another’s observed movement and presenting their observations in class.



Materials Needed

You will need one final scoring rubric for every student.  Final Movement Scoring Rubric



Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
Have the classroom set up as close to an auditorium as you can with a stage in the front of the classroom and the chairs set up in rows. Have the students silently find their seats. If you have some sort of protocol for how to decide which order students will perform in, please use it (ex “batter’s box” for who’s up next). If no protocol is in place, have students draw numbers as they come in the classroom and that is the order they will present in. Students can trade numbers if they want.




• Ask students who is going first or who has number one. Remind the students before they present that they are to share with the class who they observed, how old the person was, and what the situation was. Also, remind them that to enhance their presentation, they should use examples of what they observed by mimicking or imitating the movements and gestures of the person they observed.
• Allow the students each 2-3 minutes to present what they found.




Ask students what they learned by observing another person’s movement. Ask them what they learned by mimicking their observed person’s movement.