Body of the Casebook: A Work Session part 2


Students will continue to build a dramaturgical casebook by collecting articles, book chapters, online information, past performances of the production, visual images, historical and other pertinent information that will aid director/designers/actors in visualizing and creating the world of the play.


Materials Needed

Schedule library
computers with internet access


Lesson Directions


Anticipatory Set/Hook

Place “The Big Candy Jar” [which is quite large and holds regular-sized candy bars] on a table or desk at the front of the classroom. [Alternative: cookies, brownies, Krispy Kreme donuts, etc.]


Review/assessment: Students will briefly present their 3-4 dramaturgical items to the class. As each presentation is completed, congratulate each student for the work he/she has completed so far. After each presentation is complete, invite each student who presented at least 3 research items to choose something from The Big Candy Jar. After all the presentations are complete, students will place their research items in their casebooks. Tell the students that today they have another opportunity to add to the body of research for their casebooks.



1. Selection of Items
o Prior to going to the library, inform the students that they will do the following in the library:
· Using the lists of prioritized items they have just created, they will find materials via available sources as discussed in the previous class.
· They will make a printed copy of each item found that they plan to place in their casebooks.
· They will bibliograph each item collected and printed for their casebooks on their bibliography lists.
· Later in the project they will include each item in a table of contents.


o Assignment (Due next class): Prior to going to the library explain today’s assignment to the students: Students will locate 3-4 items to collect and print for their casebooks. They will bibliograph the 3-4 items. They will place the items in 3-ring binders. They will be prepared to briefly present these items in the next class. Challenge the students to find, bibliograph and print one more item than they did during the previous class. For example, if a student completed 3 items previously, challenge him/her to complete 4 items today. Remind students that their completed casebooks must contain 8-12 articles/other pertinent research. If they have completed the playwright biography and 6 articles between the previous classes and this one, they will have 7 articles prepared and will only need to find at least one more during the upcoming class. Point out that there is only this class period and a small portion of the next during which they may collect information in the school library. By the end of this class period, they should have at least 2 items selected, bibliographed and printed. The remaining 1-2 items should be completed as homework. Students will show their items to the instructor during the last 5-10 minutes of class.
By prearrangement, students will go to the library to research and record items from their lists Identifying the World of the Play.



1. At the end of the work session (5-10 minutes before dismissal), they will show the instructor at least two printed and bibliographed items they will include in their casebooks.