Put it all together


Students will demonstrate their ability to assimilate what they’ve learned about French Neoclassical playwriting by working on their scripts.



Materials Needed

· Candy
· Final script Rubric  6.French Neoclassical Play RUBRIC
· Necessary arrangements for computer lab



Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
Ensuring that students raise their hand, ask for volunteers to identify the five guidelines of French Neoclassical playwriting reviewed throughout the unit. When answered correctly, toss them a candy.




Step 1:
· Notify students that next class period they will be:
o Taking their final assessment test
o Filling out group-member evaluations
o Stage-reading their script
o Turning in their final scrip after their stage-reading performance

Step 2:
· Pass out rubric
· Review the rubric
· Ask if there are any questions




· Take students to the computer lab
· Give students the remainder of the time to revise and type out their scripts.