Final Assessment and Performance


Students will demonstrate their understanding of French Neoclassical playwriting by taking a comprehensive assessment and stage reading their final script.



Materials Needed

· Final test   7. French Neoclassical test
· Group members evaluation   7. Group Evaluation Sheet



Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
Give students 60 seconds to review any notes, worksheets, etc. before taking the final assessment. Actually set a timer if possible—it can heighten their pressure and make it more exciting.




Step 1:
· If needed, have students spread out throughout the classroom
· Pass out the tests
· Give them 30-35 minutes to complete the test.
· If students finish early, tell them to flip their test over and doodle on the back of the test
· Collect tests at the end of the 30-35 minutes


Step 2:
· Pass out group-member evaluation
· Emphasize honesty and assure confidentiality
· Inform them that these evaluations are about 15% of their grade
· Allow 10 minutes to complete the evaluation
· Collect evaluations at the end of the 10 minutes




· Based on the amount of time left, have as many groups stage-read their script
· If time permits, discuss the guidelines observed after each reading