Practice Fight


Students will demonstrate their understanding of stage combat by learning and practicing a choreographed fight with a partner.



Materials Needed

Copies Practice Fight
A bowl
Half the students’ names written on pieces of paper
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Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
Have a bowl with half the students’ names written on pieces of paper. Ask the other half to draw a name out of the bowl to find out who their partner for today’s class will be.




Step 1—Ask for partnerships to volunteer to demonstrate their favorite moves. After a few moves have been reviewed,
Ask: What types of things can be done to transition from one move to another?

Have the volunteers create the suggested transitions to see how they work.
Ask: Did the transition work? Why?/Why not?


Step 2—Explain that students are going to work on a choreographed fight.
Hand out copies of the Practice Fight to all the students.
Tell them that they need to memorize them and present them at the end of the week. Announce the day/date of the Preview.


Step 3—Explain the Expectations and Consequences of this day:
Expectations: Students are expected to use the time wisely.
Participation points determined by how much is accomplished.
Students will be required to submit all work at the end of the period.
I will be available to help, clarify, and answer questions.
Consequences: Today’s work day will end immediately, and
Students will not be given work time in the future.
Check for Understanding.


Step 3—Continually monitor the students throughout the class period. Maintain close proximity with students by walking around the room, checking students’ work.


Step 4—Keep the students apprised of the time.


Step 5— Ask students if they need any help.


Step 6—Have students wind up a few minutes before the bell rings.
Ask: How do you feel about the practice fight?
Is it doable?




Remind students that they may work on the practice fight outside of class because the preview is only a couple of days away and it needs to be memorized and performed well.




Teacher Observation, application of knowledge