Practice Makes Perfect


Students will demonstrate their understanding of stage combat by practicing and memorizing the Practice Fight with their partner.



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Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
Write on the board: “PRACTICE YOUR FIGHT.
I will be back in a few minutes.”



Step 1—Observe what the students chose to do when you walk into the classroom.
Discuss their decisions. (Some may have practiced/some may have chatted with friends, etc.)
Ask: Why did you make the choice you did?
Relate their decisions to their lives today and in the future (even the far future like next year).

Explain that you have high expectations of them because you know they have the capability to govern themselves and to do a good job.


Step 2—Explain that today is a practice day for the Practice Fight.
Remind them that they need to memorize Practice Fight and present it in the next class.


Step 3—Explain the Expectations and Consequences of this day:
Expectations: Students are expected to use the time wisely.
Participation points determined by how much is accomplished.
Students will be required to submit all work at the end of the period.
I will be available to help, clarify, and answer questions.
Consequences: Today’s work day will end immediately, and
Students will not be given work time in the future.
Check for Understanding.


Step 3—Continually monitor the students throughout the class period. Maintain close proximity with students by walking around the room, checking students’ work.


Step 4—Keep the students apprised of the time.


Step 5— Ask students if they need any help.


Step 6—Have students wind up a few minutes before the bell rings.
Ask: How do you feel about the practice fight?
Is it doable?




Remind students that they may work on the practice fight outside of class so the fight can be memorized and performed well.




Teacher Observation, application of knowledge