Stage Combat Unit Test


Students will demonstrate their understanding of stage combat by taking the Unit Test, then by applying that same knowledge as they practice for their practicum.



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Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
Arrange chairs so they are dispersed about the room.
Write on the board:
“Test today. Study and review for 10 minutes.”




Step 1—Have the students explain the protocol of taking a test.
Quiet — No Talking
Do your own work – No Cheating
All notes, books, etc, must be in backpacks which will be left against the wall of the classroom.
Write the appropriate responses on the board
Tell the students that you will expect them to follow the standards that they have set.


Step 2—Distribute the Test. Students may start on it as soon as they receive it.


Step 3—After everyone has the test, write on the board (in a different color):
“After handing in your test, wait quietly for your partner to complete his/her test, you may practice your Final Fight in the commons area.”


Step 4—Continually monitor the students throughout the class period. Maintain close proximity with students by walking around the room, checking students’ work.


Step5—Keep the students apprised of the time.


Step 6— Ask students if they need any clarification of questions.


Step 7—Have students wind up a few minutes before the bell rings.


Step 8—If there is time remaining, let all the students practice their fights.




Remind students that they may work on the practice fight outside of class so the fight can be memorized and performed well.




Test, teacher Observation