Stage Combat Practical Presentation


Students will demonstrate stage combat ability by performing their final fight at full speed.



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Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
Lead students through a warm-up of their body focusing on their neck and other joints that will be utilized in the fights.




Have students get with their partner and spread out so that they have plenty of room to work and warm up their fight scenes. If need be, split the class in half so that there is more room to spread out. Half of the class can talk through their fight and the lines/emotions they will be demonstrating when fighting while their other half physically goes through it.

Have the students go through their fight at super-slow-motion speed.
Then have them go through it at 50% or half-speed.
Then have them go through it at 75% speed.
Then have them go through it twice at full speed.

Have each pair perform their hand-to-hand stage combat fight.