Practice, Practice, Practice


Students will demonstrate their ability to use practice time wisely by using the puppet stage for five minutes to practice their puppet show.


Materials Needed

Whiteboard and dry erase marker
Students’ scripts collected from previous day


Lesson Directions


Anticipatory Set/Hook

Tell the students the time has come to practice their show! Ask them what things they think they will be graded on. Answers: projection, diction, using a character voice, manipulation of the body and the mouth, coordination of voice and mouth, following their script, and action.



Step 1: Tell them that each group will get only five minutes to use the stage, so they should check out the different aspects of the stage to see how they can incorporate action into their show. During the time they are not using the stage, they can use the tables in the classroom. They may also preview their shows for each other.


Step 2: Remind them that their scripts do not need to be memorized. They may make any additional changes to the script if necessary.


Step 3: Have the students sign up for 5 minute periods, with one minute for transition between each group. For example:


Step 4: Give the students time to practice.



Have students return their puppets to the box and collect their scripts. If they want to take them home to work on they may, but tell them this increases the chance to lose the script.



Students should rotate groups in a timely manner. If possible, have a TA or other student monitor the rotation of the groups. Also, make sure groups are on task, and not sitting or standing idly.


Author’s Notes

Preparation: Read through each script and offer suggestions for improvement.