Puppet Showtime!


Students will demonstrate their ability to use a character voice and manipulate a puppet by performing in 3-5 minute original puppet show and writing a self-critique.


Materials Needed

Video Camera
Puppet Performance Evaluation


Lesson Directions


Anticipatory Set/Hook

Have the students sign up for the order they want to perform their puppet shows. Give students 5 minutes to review their puppet shows.



Step 1: Students will perform their puppet shows in the order they signed up in. Begin by having each performer introduce themselves, their puppets and the roles they play, and the title of the puppet show.


Step 2: Have the students take out a piece of paper and gather around the TV. Play the puppet shows back for the students. Have them answer the following questions on their paper:
1) What was your favorite part of the puppet show? Why?
2) How was my manipulation of the puppet (mouth and movement)?
3) How was my voice for the puppet?
4) What could I have done better?
5) What was your favorite part of a different puppet show? Why?



Have students turn in their critiques. Tell them that they may now take their puppets home to keep forever and always. Tell them that if any do not want theirs, you would be willing to adopt it.



Grade the students’ performances on the following: length of show, projection, diction, character voice, manipulation of mouth and body.


Student’s reflections can also be assessed.