Building Stock Flats


The students will demonstrate their knowledge on how to build a flat by building a soft stock flat in a group.



Materials Needed

1×3’ plywood (Rails, Stiles, Toggles, and Corner Braces)
Pre-cut Corner Blocks, Straps, and Half-Straps
Miter saw
Staple Gun with Staples



Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
Previous Lesson




Step 1: Divide the students into four groups
-Tell the students they will be making a 3×8’ Flat using 1×3’ plywood
-Have them create a cut list
2 Rails @ 3’-0”
2 Stiles @ 7’-7”
1 Toggles @ 2’-7”
2 Corner Braces
4 Corner Blocks
4 Straps
4 Half-Straps



Step 2: Have them cut out the Rails, Stiles, and Toggles



Step 3: Have the students glue the Stiles, Rails, and Toggles together



Step 4: Next have them cut out 2 Corner Braces
-glue them into place



Step 5: Glue and Nail on the Corner Blocks, Straps, and Half-Straps



Step 6: Ask the students what size of muslin they’ll need if they need 1” extra on all sides
(3’-1” x 8’-1”)
-have them cut out a piece of muslin this size
-have them put glue on the Stiles and Rails
-place the muslin on top stretching tight
-put in staples



Step 7: have the students make a ½ and ½ glue/water mix
-paint the mix onto the muslin and let dry
-tells the kids they can trim the flats when they come into the show for the
platform day




soft flat