Building Stock Platforms


The students will demonstrate their knowledge on how to build a legged-up stock platform by building one in a group.



Materials Needed

6 pieces of ¾” plywood @ 4×8’
Pieces of 2×4’
Miter Saw
Nail Gun with Nails
Screw Guns



Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
Previous Lesson




Step 1: Divide the students into four groups
-Have the students create a cut list for a 4×8’ platform
4×8’ Platform
2-Rails @ 4’-0”
2-Stiles @ 8’x9”
3-Toggles @ 3’x9”
1- ¾” plywood lid @ 4×8’



Step 2: Have the students cut the rails and stiles
-lay them on the floor of the shop and nail them together



Step 3: Have the students cut out the toggles
-place them in the frame and nail them in



Step 4: Lay the lid on top of the frame
-starting with a short side (rail) screw in the lid every one foot
-continue working around the frame
-screw in the lid to the toggles



Step 5: Ask the students if they want to leg up the platform 12” how long should the long
piece of the step leg be? (11”-take away ¾” for the lid thickness and ¼” for the gap between the lid and the step leg)
-have them cut out 6 pieces of 2×4” at 11” (one step leg in each corner and one in the middle of each long side)



Step 6: Ask the students how long the shorter piece of the step leg should be? (7 ¼” why?
12” [height from ground to top of platform] minus 4 ¾” [thickness of lid plus frame] =7 ¼”)
-have them cut out 6 pieces of 2×4” at 7 ¼”



Step 7:glue these two pieces together
-put step legs one each corner of platform and middle of long sides
-drill holes in frame of platform and step legs
-bolt into place




construction of platform