Building Stock Step Units


The students will demonstrate their knowledge on how to build a stock step unit by building one in a group.



Materials Needed

Pieces of ¾” plywood
Carpenter’s Squares
Stair Gauge
Staple gun with Staples
Screw guns with screws
Table Saw
Band Saw



Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
Previous lesson




Step 1: Divide the students into four groups
-have the students create a cut list for a step unit with a 12” tread and 8” rise that is 2’ tall and 4’ wide.
-remind them that ¾” plywood is being used for the tread, risers, and carriage

Cut List
-2 Treads @ 12”x 4’
-1 Tread (top one) @ 11 1/4” x 4’
-2 Risers @ 8” x 4’
-1 Riser @ 7 1/4” x 4’
-2 carriage pieces
-1 backing piece @ 7 ¼” x 3’-10 ½”
-2 2×4” horizontal legs @ 1’ 11 ¼”
-2 2×4” vertical legs @ 2’-6”


Step 2: Using a carpenter’s square and stair gauge have the students draw a carriage on a
piece of ¾” plywood
-put a second piece of plywood underneath, staple the two together, and cut with a band saw


Step 3: Have the students cut out the riser and tread pieces
-have them glue and screw them onto the carriage


Step 4: Have the students cut out the backing piece
-glue and screw this piece to the carriage and top tread


Step 5: have the students cut out the 4 legs
-glue and screw these in