Introduction to Sound


Students will demonstrate an understanding of the use of sound effects/music by creating and performing a scene using only music and/or sound effects.


Materials Needed

DVD Player and projector/TV, the following DVD’s: I Love Lucy the complete series disks 1 and 9, Into the Woods, Jaws, Castaway, Hairspray,
Film Clip Playlist
1. My Favorite Husband—I Love Lucy complete series, disk 9, under special features; play for approximately 7 minutes.
2. Into the Woods—play first scene from the play, on DVD Chapter Selection #1.
3. Jaws—play scene of the “First Attack,” Chapter Selection #4.
4. Castaway—“The Coconut Problem,” Chapter Selection #11.
5. I Love Lucy—Complete series, disk 1, episode “The Benefit,” Scene Selection “Lucy Steals the Punchlines.”
6. Hairspray—opening sequence from the movie, Chapter Selection #1.


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Lesson Directions


Anticipatory Set/Hook

Play the first few scenes from on episode of the radio comedy My Favorite Husband. (See attached playlist) Discuss the effects that the sound and music have on the story. How do they communicate what is happening, even though we can’t see it? How do they add to the emotions/humor/content of the episode? How would the piece be different without them?



Show the following film clips. After each one, discuss the way sound/music was used, its effect, emotions evoked, whether it worked for them as listeners, etc. Be sure to discuss why the students think what they do (aka why certain things worked and others did not) so that at the end of the discussion, the class can brainstorm general rules for the use of sound. (For example, it should fit with the progression of events, it should not detract from the show, etc.)
Film clips to show:
I Love Lucy
Into the Woods


Practice: Get students into groups of 2-4. Each group will brainstorm, form, and then rehearse a scene to be performed, between 3-5 minutes in length. However, there can be no talking; only action, sound effects, and/or music are allowed (as if it were a live silent film). All members of the group must participate, whether doing the actual acting out of the scene or in making the sounds.



Each group will perform the scene from the entire class, then they will discuss and decide which scenes/moments within scenes worked well and why.