Designing and Sharing


Students will demonstrate an understanding of the soundboard by ordering and entering the sound cues for “You Can’t Take It With You”.


Materials Needed

CD soundtrack – All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten (Track 3 – “Uh Oh”), CD player, schedule computer lab and library access, soundboard access, scripts ofYou Can’t Take it With You—one for each student


Lesson Directions


Anticipatory Set/Hook

If time permits, get students into groups and give each group a sound. Proceed to teach them the beginning of the song, “Uh-Oh” (from the show All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten) and let them run through it several times, faster and faster. If time does not allow, simply have them listen to the song on CD. Afterwards, have the students discuss the song. How did ordinary sounds combine to make a rhythm? A mood? An emotion? How does timing add to the effect (as opposed to just hearing the sounds normally)? What thoughts do they have about this in relation to sound design? (5-20 minutes)



Refresh the students’ memories about the sound design process, as well as the operation of the soundboard. Get them back into their groups and return their incomplete sound cue scripts from the day before, so that they can continue working on it.


Practice: Continue the group work from the day before. As the groups finish, they may go to the soundboard and enter their cues. They will then need to fill out another half sheet of paper, giving participation grades to each member, including themselves. This paper should then be given to the teacher. When groups are finished they are to work on their other various assignments with aspects of the show (pre-assigned from previous units) until all groups are done. If class-time remains when all are finished, begin reading the play aloud while each group in turn mans the soundboard and plays the allotted cues. After each section, discuss what did and did not work. However, class-time probably will not allow, and any group not finished will need to complete it on their own time for the next class period.



Students will turn in their completed sound cue scripts, all cues will be entered in the soundboard, and they will turn in their group participation grades.


Author’s Notes

*NOTE: Gage this section of the class by how far the students got on their sound cue scripts the day before, and if they will need more or less time to work today.