Suzuki Conclusion


Students will be able to apply all the concepts they have learned about the Suzuki method to their regional competition pieces by rehearsing their competition pieces and evaluating each other’s rehearsals.


Materials Needed

Copies of the final performance rubric for each student  Final Suzuki Performance Rubric


Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
Focus the students by going over what their rubric will look like for their final performances next class. Pass out the rubric (see Lesson 7 Supplements) and ask for any questions or concerns about the performances or how they will be graded. Remind them that a paper will be due on the final performance day. It will also be out of 20 points. For 20 points, the actor must explain, through specific examples, how they used the Suzuki method to practice and/or enhance their competition piece. (10 minutes)



Group Practice: Divide the class into six groups (students doing scenes or pantomimes should be placed in the same group as their partners). Create three main areas of the classroom. One will be for voice, one for body, and one for energy (as prescribed on the rubric). Put two groups in each “room.” In each room, have the students get a partner from the other group. They will perform their piece in front of their partner and have the partner give feedback in the area that the room is assigned to (voice, body, energy). After 10 minutes, have them switch. Then, rotate the groups that performed first clockwise to the next “room” and the group that gave feedback first counterclockwise so that they don’t get feedback from the same people in the next “room.” (60 minutes)


Individual Practice: At the end of the group practice, give the students whatever time is left to practice their pieces on their own.
As the students, leave …………..O-tsukare-sama deshita (oat-SCAR-ee saw-maw desh-taw) (see end of Lesson 2).



Today will be an informal assessment. Walk around the room during the group and individual practice and check to make sure that they are giving the kind of feedback that is helpful for the final performances. The discussion on the rubric at the beginning of the lesson will also be helpful for checking their understanding of the material and how it will apply to the final performances.