History Part I


Students will demonstrate their understanding of Uta Hagen’s History exercise by choosing a historical-figure and researching that specific time period.


Materials Needed

· Princess Diaries movie (or a movie clip that shows two very different characters based on their assumed history)
· 5 Markers/chalk
· Necessary arrangements for computer lab


Lesson Directions


Anticipatory Set/Hook

Show students the clip from Princess Diaries when Queen Clarisse Renaldi is informing Mia Thermopolis over tea that she is the rightful heir to the Genovian kingdom. Have students pay specific attention to their differences in manner, speech, and perspective.




Step 1:
· At the conclusion of viewing the clip, have students share what they’ve observed.
· Based on their comments (e.g. Queen Clarisse: proper, healthy posture, educated vocabulary; Mia: unrefined, gawky, slang vocabulary), ask students why they think that is. (Desired answer: their history)


Step 2:
· Inform students that the next exercise is called “History”
· Give five students each a marker
· Have them write a historical figure on the board
· When they are done, have them pass the marker to a classmate and instruct them to do the same


Step 3:
· Once everyone has had the chance to identify a historical figure on the board, have students choose a historical figure they would like to portray (person must have livedbefore 1950)
· They do not need to use a person from the board—it is up there in case anyone is struggling to think of a historical figure
· As soon as everyone has chosen someone, inform them that they will now be going to the computer lab to research the time period of that figure (e.g. If I chose Benjamin Franklin, I would research the 1700s)


Step 4:
· Take students to the computer lab
· Pending on time, students will ideally have 45 minutes at the computer lab
· Have students return to the classroom for final instructions



· Assign HOMEWORK:
o Students will then choose a “simple task” to perform as their historical figure
o Their simple task should be influenced by their research
o In addition to performing this task as the historical figure, they must turn in a paper that identifies 1) the historical figure 2) time period and 3) three period-specific facts they learned that has directly influenced the way they perform the “simple task”
For example: If I chose a figure that came from a time period before indoor plumbing was invented, when I perform my simple task of getting ready for the day, I would wash my face from a bowl of water—not the faucet
· Homework DUE DATE: next class period



Participation: 15pts
Total possible points: 15 pts