Students will demonstrate their understanding of Uta Hagen’s Object Exercise by incorporating five of the ten exercises in a contentless scene.


Materials Needed

· (Optional) Pre-assigned partners
· Contentless scenes   Contentless Scenes
· Slips of paper identifying all ten object exercises (identified 1-10)
· Bowl/hat
List from 1-10 on the board


Lesson Directions


Anticipatory Set/Hook

Assign partners and pass out contentless scenes. Go around with the bowl of exercises and have each group draw 5 slips of paper (indicating the object exercise they are to incorporate). Have them write the number on their scene and then refer to the board for the correlating exercise (this helps the process go by quicker).



Step 1:
· Give students the remainder of the period to determine how they are going to implement each exercise and rehearse their contentless scene
· Inform them that they will be performing these scenes next class period
· They also must be memorized



· ASSIGN HOMEWORK: Next class period they are to come fully prepared and memorized to perform their contentless scene
They must also turn in a piece of paper identifying the five object exercises they will be focusing on and a brief explanation of how they are going to do that



Participation: 10pts
Total possible points: 10 pts