Contentless Scene Final Performance


Students will demonstrate their understanding of Uta Hagen’s Object Exercise by incorporating five of the ten exercises in a contentless scene.


Materials Needed

· Contentless scene grading sheet/write-up   Object Exercises Grading Write-up


Lesson Directions


Anticipatory Set/Hook

Conduct physical warm up exercises (e.g. stretches, jumping jacks, etc.). Conduct a couple of vocal warm ups (e.g. tongue twisters, scales, etc.).



Step 1:
· Give students 5 minutes to review their scenes, collect props, costumes, etc.


Step 2:
· Collect homework assignment
· Have each group perform their contentless scenes
· At the conclusion of each scene ask viewers for observations of what exercise they saw being executed
· Have performers expand the discussion by informing audiences of other choices that were not as obvious (NOTE: subtly is good! It’s part of the exercises)



· Inform students that this concludes the unit of Uta Hagen’s Object Exercises

· Ask for feedback on what their process was like (Possible questions: What exercise was helpful? What exercise was hard? What exercise produced greatest improvement? What exercise challenged you most?)



Write up: 5 pts
Performance: 20 pts
Total possible points: 25 pts